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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Promptness; Character Education 15

Olin Miller: If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.
Unkown Author: Time can be our mater slave.  It depends only on how we use it.

Simply put, being prompt is being on time.  It means to hand in paperwork or homework on time and doing chores when requested.  Promptness means giving ourselves enough time to reach our deadlines and that we take responsibility when we are late.  Being late holds other people up, whether late to school or to a job.  Being ready and on time, shows respect to us and to others.  We can control our lives by controlling our time.  Procrastination hinders our ability to be prompt.

Time Line
Make individual time lines, or one time line as a family or classroom.  The time line can be for 1 full day, 1 school schedule, or a week of activities.  

More Activities:
Brainstorm what we can do to help us keep on time.

Discuss what can happen if people are late.  For example: The school bus driver is late to work, the school children are picked up late and arrive to school late, the teacher has to stop the class and repeat instructions again for the late children, a school activity is not done because there is not enough time...

Suggested Storys:
Clocks and More Clocks, by Pat Hutchins; Younger
The clocks all through the house are set at slightly different times.  What should Mr. Higgins do?  He does not know which clock has the right time.  Mr. Higgins is in for a big surprise when the Clockmaker shows him they are all the correct time.

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Pressure, by Stan & Jan Berenstain; Younger
The bear family commit themselves to too many activities and they stress themselves out to the point of needing to be more selective in what they choose to do with their time.

Chasing a Dream, by Melissa Harding; Older   Chicken Soup for the Soul, Just for Teenagers
Melissa works diligently for the State Cross Country race, but things do not go according to her plans.

Time 4 Kids and Teens: Time Management Student Workbook, by Elizabeth Franklin; Older
Time 4 Kids and Teens is an introduction to students about time management skills and encourages prioritizing time choices.  It teaches children to have a healthy self image and life skills.  The book is suitable for older elementary to middle school students.

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