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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Family Shield & It's All in the Name; Self Esteem 10

Families that believe that they have the ability to succeed, are far more often able to achieve it.  A strong family unit is a good basis for good self esteem.  People with high self esteem are able to accept failure and not let it keep them from trying again.  People with a positive self image are more likely to make their own decisions and are less likely to be swayed by others.
Family Shield
Every person is an individual with their own identity.  We also have a family identity; the place our family lives, the number of people in our family, outings/hobbies, foods, religion...
Take your ideas about your family and make a Family Shield. 

Scroll to the bottom of this post and copy the Family Shield outline.  Instruct the child/children to draw the following in the boxes.
Box 1: In a capital letter write the fist letter of your last name as fancy as you can.
Box 2: List the members of your family
Box 3: Draw a family flag
Box 4: Draw a family activity you do together (hobby, sport, eating dinner together, picnic, beach…)
Box 5: Draw or write your favorite thing to do.
Box 6: Draw or write about your pets, or draw an animal to represent your family.

It's All in the Name
What are your positive traits and things you like?  Think of positive traits, or things you are passionate about with the letters of your first or last name.  Write or type your name horizontally on a piece of copy paper; the example above is for the name, PATRICK.  Fill in the letters of your name with words that represents you, or something you love such as animals or family.

Suggested Stories
You and Me Together: Moms, Dads, and Kids Around the World, by Barbara Kerley
This is a heartwarming book on the universal bond between children and parents across different cultures around the world.
Coming to America: A Muslim Family, by Bernard Wolf
Hassan Mahmoud brings his family from Egypt to live in America.  The close-knit family adapts to American life while staying true to their Muslim beliefs and Egyptian customs.

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