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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Korean Fan & African Collar Necklace; Same and Different 8

Learning about other cultures is a way to discover many vantage points from which to view life.  It prepares children for the real world and teaches them to value a culturally diverse world.  Children reap the rewards of learning about different cultures, appreciate individuality, and embrace their own cultural identity.  A fun way to learn about other cultures is through crafts that represent the country.

Korean Fan
(copy paper, watercolors, scissors and tape)
Buchaechum (boo-chay-choom) is a traditional form of Korean dance usually performed by female dancers.  Dancers wear traditional dresses called Hanbok, and dance with two fans.  The dances represent images using the fans, such as flowers, butterflies and waves.  Fans  are part of traditions in many cultures including Spain and in the Victorian era.

Fan: (For a quick fan use two pieces of paper and paint one side).  To make the front and back of a fan: Use 4 pieces of copy paper.  Tape 2 pieces of paper together on one side horizontally; do the same with the other two pieces (taped side is the back of your paper).  On the front of the paper with watercolor paints, paint a design such as a rainbow of colors, or cherry blossoms on the front of both sets of paper (you are painting the front and back of your fan).  Allow the paint to dry.  With the painted side outside, glue the two blank sides together.  Trim the top of both sides to round the ends.  Fold accordion style in 1/4-inch folds.  tape the bottom of the fan to make a "handle." 

African Collar Necklace
For hundreds of years, women in central African cultures have worn beautiful collar necklaces.  At one time the necklaces represented a person's level of wealth.  Necklaces are often made with metal and woven or manufactured from cloth.  The collar necklaces can include colorful stones, feathers, shells, and beads.  Women all over the world wear a variety of styles of necklaces.

Collar: Draw a circle in the middle of a paper plate.  Cut through the rim of the plate and cut the circle out, where your neck will be.  With felt pens draw a design on the area left on the plate.  We filled in squares of color.  Spray paint Penne pasta shells gold, or a color that goes with the color scheme of the color.  Glue on the pasta shells on the outer rim of the paper plate and inside the rimmed area, if you wish.  With yarn string pasta shells and straws that have been cut down smaller, and glue the string to the back side of the collar.  Continue until you have the desired amount of hanging ornaments.  You can use beads, and "jewels" if you have them.

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