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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Web & Rumors Role Play; Bully 9

Getting Along
When we cooperate with each other, we work together and then connect with each other. We are then far less likely to engage in hurtful behavior such as spreading rumors.  When we cooperate, we support our peers and often find support in return.

The Web (adapted from Debbie Gilbert Taylor)
(Need a ball of yarn or string; this is a small to large group activity)
Have children sit in a circle.  Tell the children to make sure they hold on to the yarn when it comes to them, and not to let go of the yarn.  Give the ball of yarn to one child and instruct the child to hold on to the end of the yarn.  Have the child roll the ball of yarn to another child on the other side of the circle.  The recipient of the ball of yarn holds onto the yarn so that it is stretched out.  While keeping the yarn stretched, the child rolls the yarn to another child on the opposite side.  Continue this process until everyone is holding a piece of the yarn.   

In the center of the circle a web has been formed.   Tell the children to keep holding on to their yarn while the parent/teacher steps toward the center of the web, and then one at a time, tugs on a part of the yarn.  Ask which student felt the pull.  Repeat this process until everyone has felt a tug.  Explain that if one person did not hold on to the yarn, the web wouldn’t be complete; we are working and connected together.

What is a rumor?  A rumor is gossip; saying something about someone that you do not for sure know is true.
1. Never start a false rumor; saying something that you do not know is true.
2. Do not listen to rumors.
3. Do not repeat or spread rumors
4. Walk away.

Role Play:
A. Sheri stole my pencils
B. Did you see Sheri steal them?
A. No, but she sits next to me.
B. That doesn't mean she took them, you are making up a rumor (walk away).

Role Play:
A. Debbie said Tamara was the most talkative girl in her classroom.
B. I sit next to Tamara and she rarely ever talks.  That is not true.

Role Play:
A. Do you know what Malcolm said happened to Nathan?
B. I don't think it's true.
A. I think it's true.
B. Do you know for sure?
A. No
B. Then it's a rumor, and I don't listen to rumors.

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