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Children going through Divorce Activities

Children and Divorce
Divorce can be stressful and sad for almost all children.  It also is a confusing time.  Children can have an array of different feelings cycling through that they may not understand.  During this time more than ever children need stability, routines, and support for their emotional and physical needs.  It is vital not to talk about the other parent in a bad light in front of children.  The following is a list of fun activities to help children going through a divorce; this by no means take the place of one on one support.

Activities: Scroll down for booklet 
1. Write your name in a special way that you like.  Decorate it with your favorite colors.

2. Make a list of all the ways you are special.

3. Draw a picture of how you feel.

4. There are no right or wrong feelings.  What are all of the different feelings you are feeling during this time: happy, silly, feel like laughing,  shy, feel like crying, mean, bad, hurt, sorry, guilty, mad, embarrassed.

5. The separation or divorce is NOT the fault of the children, but children often feel like the divorce is their fault.  It is not something that children can stop, either.  Do you sometimes have these feelings?  Have you felt this way, and why?

6. Make a list or draw a picture to show some of the things that have changed in your life.

7. Write or draw a picture to show how it feels to make a hard decision.

8. Draw a picture of something, or many things you like about your life.

9. Draw a picture of all of the people you love.  Of course pets can be in the picture too. 

10. Write or draw about how special you are.